Vision & Mission

We must be knowledge creators rather than merely knowledge consumers. We must constantly train our teachers & staff, men and woman who work us. We must recognize their merit and respect their dignity. They must have a sense of loyalty and their compensation must be fair & adequate, there must be a clean, orderly and enjoyable environment. We must inculcate in our students ......


We aspire to reassert the significance of high quality education by producing competent professionals who can shape the destiny of our nation into a stronger and developed stature.

We envisage that high quality education using interactive methodologies will equip students to excel as a professional. The values instilled among students while imparting education, will strengthen the moral and ethical fabric of the nation and revive the human spirit. The zeal of competitiveness will always be positive and setbacks will only be catalysts for greater achievements.

With these beliefs, Modern International College of Law will strive towards faster evolution, and will make its marks on the global academic map.


"To create professional, excellent and innovative legal experts with social commitment conforming to global benchmarks."

To develop high quality technical personnel with a sound footing on basic engineering principles, technical skills, innovative research capabilities, and exemplary professional conduct to lead and to use technology for the progress of mankind, adapting themselves to changing technological environment with the highest ethical values as the inner strength.

The mission of Modern International College of Law will be to provide every opportunity for each student to attain the best of their capabilities and create in them the desire to excel.